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 's goal is to be a resource base for ideas that save the planet as well as money. You'll find tips on water conservation, saving electricity, heating and cooling your home for less, recycling, healthy and green foods, green appliances, eco friendly cleaning and household products and more.


What Can We Do?


how smart power strips save energy     Or    save energy with smart power strips, green tree   ?

As a country that makes up less than five percent of the world's population, the United States uses a quarter of the earth's resources.

While this imbalance can be attributed in part to the fact that the United States manufacturers and grows much of the world's products and food, a huge part of it is due to our excessive lifestyle.

There are simple habits that we can adopt that give us a good quality of life but leave a much lighter footprint on the land. In these tough economic times living greenly can save you money as well.




Living greenly is about leaving a better world for our children, and preserving wild places where animals can continue to live as they have for thousands of years.

If you consider that when your children's grandchildren are walking the earth, there will be billions of our plastic water bottles, disposable plastic bags and tons of glass, plastic and metal containers still sitting under artificial mountains that tower hundreds above ground level on the outskirts of our cities.

What will those children, our descendants, think of their ancestors for leaving them such a mess?

I can imagine that the thoughts those children or a few generations it won't be good. In the same way we look back in regret at the actions of our forefathers and even those who today still practice acts such as slavery, abuse of women, whaling, germ warfare, nuclear weapons, female circumcision and a host of other unspeakable acts, the children of the future may see the way we treated the environment in a very negative light unless we can turn things around.

It's not selfish to think of saving the planet and money at the  same time, especially in these tough economic times.

Right now it makes sense to  do things like cut your electricity bill by installing compact fluorescent lights or begin planting an organic garden because these things can make a big impact on both the planet and your wallet.


Are Compact Fluorescents Somehow Bad For The Environment?

(There is a misconception that CFL or compact fluorescents are bad for the environment because they contain a small amount of mercury. The reality is that when power is generated by burning coal, mercury is released. An incandescent bulb actually releases more mercury in it's lifetime (via coal) than a CFL bulb contains. Now CFL bulbs can be returned to most hardware stores including Home Depot and Lowes).  Compact fluorescent bulbs can last as long as 10,000 hours, or about 10 times the life of an incandescent bulb.  If mercury is a big concern for you, the alternative is using LED lighting. LED replacement bulbs cost a bit more, but last for up to 50,000 hours and use even less energy than compact fluorescents. For more see LED Bulbs Vs. CFL

 Little things, like getting rid of phantom loads, or appliances that draw energy when they are supposedly off, can make a huge difference in terms of both saving money and reducing the amount of CO2 emitted from power plants.

 Right now you probably have a satellite TV box, cable box, DVD or stereo that is drawing several watts in the off position. You can easily get rid of these phantom loads. See  How to eliminate phantom loads

Investing just a couple hundred dollars in attic ventilation can save thousands of dollars over the life of your home. Building a new home? Consider cutting edge technology like concrete foam insulation to lower your future energy bills and help indoor air quality by using a product that does not give off any VOC's.

If all of us can save a little money we can also save some of the time it takes to earn that money by working less and spend that time  at home instead of working twice as hard to feed an energy hungry home or gas guzzling car.

We hope these tips help you achieve some of your goals. Please send us your  own green tips when you can to

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Vampire Loads Or Phantom Loads.                                  

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