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Photos Of The Alternative Energy Industry

Here are some photographs of solar panels on homes. Solar energy is one of the fastest growing sectors of the economy. These are royalty free photos of solar and wind energy and may be used for educational purposes without license. If you wish to use any of the alternative energy photography below for commercial purposes, use the contact link below to drop us a line.

Below are some photos of solar panels on the roof of homes. These are 2 KW systems and will supply about 1/4 the power that a conventional home uses. Such as system may supply almost all of the energy used by a home which is designed using green building methods, and which contains ultra efficient appliances.

Photo of solar panel on roof of a home. Example of solar electricity system on roof.

Below is a photo of a large photovoltaic solar collector array which is designed to track the movement of the sun. This solar collector is part of a  mega solar power project in San Antonio, TX, Next it is a photo of a small solar photovoltaic system on a home. These systems fall under the category of "micro power generation". There is a place for both large scale solar power facilities and micro generation. For homes that have the right orientation to the sun and no obstacles in the way, solar roof electric systems are the way to go.

Large sun tracking solar panel.Solar panel on roof in sun.


Below are photos of technicians installing solar panels on the roof of a home featuring a metal roof.  These are Shuco panels, which are made in Germany. The growing alternative energy economy is creating many new jobs for solar panel technicians. This job, from start to finish was done in only four days by two solar panel installers.

Photo of technicians installing solar panel system on house. Solar technicians at work installing rooftop solar panels.

Photography of solar panels on home, cont..

These are some photos of solar electricity system's grid intertie box and inverter. Here the power from the solar panels on the roof "turns back" the home's electricity meter when the system is generating more power than the home is using. Any power that is generated in excess of what the customer used that month is sold back to the utility company and credited on the next bill. The inverter below is a "Sunny Boy" model made by SMA, also a German company. The solar panel system's inverter is what turns DC power from the panels into AC current at 120 volts, which can be fed into the home and the grid.

Photo of inverter on solar panel system.

Wind Turbine Photos

The next image is a photo of a large scale wind power generation facility. A group of wind turbines that are part of an independent and interconnected facility are known as "wind farms".

Photo of large wind turbine farm in Texas.

This is a photo of a wind farm in South Texas. Shown are Vestas and GE wind turbines sitting in a field of grain.

For more photos of wind turbines see: Wind Turbines

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