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What Is Concrete Foam Insulation And Does It Work?

Concrete foam insulation is blown in between studs in new homes.



Concrete foam insulation otherwise known as Cementitious Foam Insulation is a relatively new product on the market. It was developed 15 years ago by a company called Air Krete

Recently concrete foam or cement foam insulation was featured on the new show "Greenovate", however there is not much information out there on the internet yet about the product or its benefits.

 Concrete foam insulation has been proven in numerous trials and tests to be one of the greenest building products on the market due to the following features:

Concrete foam insulation is 100% Fireproof and that is one its major selling points over other forms of home insulation.

It is also 100% Mold Proof including all types of toxic mold
There is no leaching of toxic gasses, it is 100% Non-Toxic, Free of CFC's & Formaldehyde
Concrete foam insulation  offers a very high R-value, No loss of R-value over time
If offers excellent soundproofing qualities.
Once in place it is Non-Shrinking and  Non-Settling
There are no future disposal problems and it is Non-Hazardous as waste
It is fully bug and Rodent Proof

The primary components of concrete foam insulation are cement which is made of calcium, magnesium oxide and alumina, water and air. When the home is demolished in the distant future no harmful waste is produced. What remains of the concrete foam insulation is easily broken down and remains inert in a landfill. It can also be crushed and repurposed in the future.


Concrete foam insulation is blown in to walls and cavities and once in place provides an outstanding R-value plus all of the benefits listed above.   It has been installed in the National Audubon Societies headquarters and even Nobel prize winner Al Gore's estate.

Because the cement destroys bugs protective coatings they do not nest or live in walls that have been sprayed with it. There are no ozone destroying gasses or off gassing of toxic gasses into the home as some insulations cause.

Air Krete is one maker of concrete foam insulation. Other companies are coming out with similar products with slightly different formulations.

It is touted by Air Krete as "the worlds greenest insulation". They just may be right.

More information on their version is available at

For a description of different insulations, including cementitious foam, their merits and disadvantages see this link from the city of Austin.

City Of Austin, Insulation Information.

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